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You can expect to receive regular communication and attention to detail from Buy A Butler for your Airbnb cleaning needs.

The following is a detailed listing of our services provided. Extra chores as enumerated below are available upon request at no extra charge.


  • All appliances exteriors will be cleaned

  • Inside of microwave will be wiped out & crumb-free

  • All countertops will be wiped & sanitized

  • All cabinets will be spot cleaned

  • Floors will be swept & mopped

  • All rugs will be vacuumed

  • All windows will be cleaned streak-free

  • Dishes will be cleaned and put away

  • Trash will be taken out

  • Light switches will be fingerprint & smudge-free

  • The Refrigerator will be wiped & cleaned out


  • Toilet will be cleaned & ring removed

  • Vanity & sinks will be wiped down and tidied

  • Shower & tub will be scrubbed & cleaned

  • Mirrors will be wiped streak-free

  • Trash removed 

  • Light switches will be fingerprint & smudge free

  • Floors will be swept & mopped


  • Beds will be remade

  • Cobwebs will be removed

  • Glass doors & windows will be wiped streak-free

  • Coffee & side tables will be dusted

  • Light switches will be fingerprint & smudge free

  • Couches will be vacuumed

  • Floors will be vacuumed or swept/mopped (Depending on your floors)


  • Laundry will be rotated, folded & put away

  • Furniture and home decor will be adjusted and put back for the next guest

  • Spot cleaning doors & walls from any stains

  • Any food or toiletries will be restocked

  • We will check dresser drawers for any forgotten items from the previous guest(s)

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