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Our home cleanings (including deep clean, move in & move-out cleanings) prioritize communication and attention to detail.

We will gladly provide you with services using natural, chemical-free cleaning solutions upon request!

Enumerated below are the services you can expect to receive from Buy A Butler.


  • All appliance exteriors will be cleaned

  • Inside of microwave will be wiped out & crumb-free

  • All countertops will be wiped & sanitized

  • All cabinets will be spot cleaned

  • Floors will be swept & mopped

  • All small rugs will be shaken & cleaned under

  • All windows within reach will be cleaned

  • Dishes and inside of sink will be cleaned

  • Trash will be taken out

  • Light switches will be fingerprint & smudge-free


  • Toilet will be cleaned & ring removed

  • Vanity & sinks will be wiped down and tidied

  • Shower & tub will be scrubbed & cleaned

  • Mirrors will be wiped streak-free

  • Baseboards & light fixtures will be dusted

  • Trash removed 

  • Light switches will be fingerprint & smudge free

  • Floors will be swept & mopped


  • Ceiling fans will be dusted

  • Glass doors & windows will be wiped streak-free

  • Coffee & side tables will be dusted

  • Light switches will be fingerprint & smudge free

  • The couch will be vacuumed

  • Floors will be vacuumed or swept/mopped (Depending on your floors)


  • Laundry will be rotated & folded

  • Mail will be retrieved & put on the kitchen table

  • Spot cleaning doors & walls from any stains

  • Your vehicle's interior will be vacuumed & wiped down

  • Pantry or closet will be organized

  • The refrigerator will be wiped out & free of any spilled food

  • Turnover & make any beds


Our Deep Cleaning Menu offers a consistent and spotless clean you can expect and rely on. In addition to our receiving our main Cleaning Menu, you will also receive the list on our Deep Cleaning Menu when you hire Buy A Butler to deep clean your home.

We provide our own natural, chemical-free cleaning products upon request.

We will wash all of your baseboards throughout the home

We will wipe down and wash all exterior of your draws and cabinets in bathrooms and kitchen

We will edge all of your carpet with a vacuum

We will vacuum under all furniture that is able to be moved safely

We will wash all of your light fixtures that are within our reach

We will vacuum/dust all curtains, blinds, and lampshades

We will snake all kitchen and bathroom drains

We will magic erase all scuffs and markings from walls and applicable surfaces

We will clean the inside of your oven

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