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Buy A Butler is a family-owned and operated business founded by husband and wife, Joshua and Lydia. We started in the midst of COVID having seen a need in our church for a cleaning service that did more than just cleaning. Our solution was Buy A Butler: a cleaning service that functioned as a modern-day butler who executed cleaning, chores, and more! A personal home/business manager who could wear a variety of hats.


As the business matured, we transitioned from being a jack of all trades to specializing in window cleaning. As a professional window cleaning company with prior experience in janitorial work, maid service, and carpet cleaning, we major in windows while being able to solve any cleaning need that arises. 


From the beginning, our founding desire for Buy A Butler was to serve people, not customers; to help our friends and fellow church members whose children we babysat, and to do so in ways that best served them. As we continue to grow and serve the greater Omaha area, our desire remains the same: to bless families with services to give them their time back and to help businesses solve their cleaning problems.

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