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Buy A Butler was created shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic by husband and wife Joshua and Lydia. The idea for the business came as a desire to serve families from church and work by providing a service that allowed parents to spend more time with their children and less time stressing about the upkeep and chores of their homes.

After talking with those who already had cleaners that they hired out, we found it puzzling that cleaning companies required homeowners to pick up before they came to clean. Not only did this lead to last-minute sprints to anxiously clean the house before the cleaners walked in, but it seemed quite odd for those who you had hired to clean turn around and ask you to clean before they came to clean.

Moreover, in our desire to serve our friends and their families from church and work, we wanted to make sure that the products we used were safe for their infants and children. This led us to ensure that Buy A Butler always provided options for home cleaning that included all-natural products that are chemical-free.

From the beginning, our founding desire for Buy A Butler was to serve people, not customers; to help our friends and fellow church members whose children we babysat, and to do so in ways that best served them. In expanding to Omaha as a whole, the desire for Buy A Butler is not merely to ensure homes are clean but to serve in such a way that lives are enriched.

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